You have one or several broken keys on your laptop ?

You don't need to pay 50 euros to replace the whole keyboard !
We sell single replacement key.
Keys are sold in full replacement kit .

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Simple and economic : Why buy an entire keyboard when you just need to replace the broken or missing key ! A keyboard is arround 50 euros, plus if you add 30 euros for the replacement by a professional. With for 5 euros you have a simple and economic solution to repair your keyboard. You can replace yourself the broken key without a professional.

Free Shipping : Unlike many sites that display free shipping, with, delivery is truly free for all products. The tracking and the fast delivery are in option only for small cart. For more information consult our prices page.

How to choose your replacement keys : All keys on keyboards have a hinge. It is generally in the form of two plastic parts that attach the key on the keyboard.
To choose a replacement key compatible with your keyboard so it is necessary to know the type of hinges that is under your keys. If you have any doubt, please consult us before ordering. Free support (Quick Response in the day!)

Keyboard language : Today most our keyboards are in French layout. All keys fit properly for European keyboards. But some keys will be different, like keys with specific characters : &,()_=+....
Before make your order, please make sure your are ok with that.

About : is a french website specialized in the recycling of laptop keyboards. We have replacement keys for most popular laptop brands ACER, APPLE, ASUS, COMPAQ, DELL, Eee PC, FUJITSU, GATEWAY, GERICOM, HP, IBM, LENOVO, MEDION, PACKARD BELL, SAMSUNG, SONY, TOSHIBA .

100% of our replacement kits come from recycling. Recycle Valorise

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