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You have one or several broken keys on your laptop ?

You don't need to replace the whole keyboard !
We sell single replacement key.

Our advantages :
> +2.000.000 Keys in Stock
> Free Worldwide Shipping !
> Free Installation Guides
> Quality customer service


full replacement kit

Purchase a replacement kit with : Key Cap, Plastic Hinges and Rubber Cup. And your personnal installation guide.

Spare Hinges

Purchase only the Hinges to repair your keys. And your personnal installation guide.
27/05/2015 GEORGES
Merci pour ces économies... le sav de la F... m'a proposé le remplacement du clavier pour 135 euros avec une immobilisation de 6 semaines de mon portable hp. J'ai commandé mes deux touches Dimanche sur votre site pour 9,60 euros. Je les ai reçues ce matin et montées dans la foulée ! rien à dire d'autre c super
27/05/2015 Faniry
ottimo servizio, guida di installazione utilissima, ve lo consiglio!!!
26/05/2015 Thijs
Fast response, received my missing "p-key" after 6 days as promised. No problems in replacing it, although the pictures in your installation guide are really poor. Thanks for good service. /Thijs.
26/05/2015 Román
La articulación que me habéis mandado es errónea, la articulación que utilizan las teclas solicitadas es mas pequeña, y me falta la tecla 0ins
25/05/2015 Rainer
danke. Ihr Service ist bequem. es mir erlaubt, eine Menge Geld zu sparen ... es ist besser, gebrochenen Tasten ersetzen.
25/05/2015 Tamara
las teclas no son como exactamente el original. pero no importa, funciona finalmente !!! gracias
25/05/2015 Tobias
it was a bit difficult to choose the right keys. But your team helped me, and everything is perfect! my keyboard is like new! Thanks
25/05/2015 Eric
les deux touches commandées pour mon MSI sont parfaitement adaptables.
25/05/2015 gregory
Service client redoutable , disponible et réactif que du bon. Mon clavier vous remercie :)
25/05/2015 Muriel
touche cassée réparée grave au kit ! merci.
22/05/2015 Bryan
Ich habe leider KEINE Hilfe für mein Tasten-Set bekommen.
22/05/2015 VERONIQUE
efficacité, rapidité et rigueur. Bravo !
22/05/2015 stephane
Clavier convient parfaitement aux touches de mon Asus. Genial mon clavier est comme neuf
21/05/2015 helene
bien reçu les touches de mon clavier. Merci à vous.
21/05/2015 Jacques
Bonjour, Le guide d'installation manque de précision. Cordialement
19/05/2015 Ciro
Ottimo venditore, precisione ed affidabilità. Acquisto molto sicuro. Guida on line migliorabile con inserimento di piccole semplici spiegazioni in testo.
18/05/2015 Michel
parfait ,et assistance parfaite pour monter les touche. merci
18/05/2015 Thomas
Liefer heute meiner Tasten. dank !
18/05/2015 Rolf
thank you! I repaired the keys on my keyboard
16/05/2015 Paula
teclas de repuesto como las teclas originales. genial!

All information to repair your keyboard.

We did more than 1,800 repair guides to help you install your new keyboard key. Repair guides are suitable for each type of hinge. They show the different mounting options: small Key, standard key and Large key.
About Laptopkey-europe.com : Laptopkey-europe.com is a french website specialized in the recycling of laptop keyboards. We have replacement keys for most popular laptop brands ACER, APPLE, ASUS, COMPAQ, DELL, Eee PC, FUJITSU, GATEWAY, GERICOM, HP, IBM, LENOVO, MEDION, PACKARD BELL, SAMSUNG, SONY, TOSHIBA.




100% of our replacement kits come from recycling.

Touche-clavier-portable.com Recycle Valorise

An economic and environmental solution to repair your laptop keyboards.

Simple and economic : Why buy an entire keyboard when you just need to replace the broken or missing key ! A keyboard is arround 50 euros, plus if you add 30 euros for the replacement by a professional. With Laptopkey-Europe.com for 5 euros you have a simple and economic solution to repair your keyboard. You can replace yourself the broken key without a professional.

Free Shipping : Unlike many sites that display free shipping, with Laptopkey-Europe.com, delivery is truly free for all products. The tracking and the fast delivery are in option only for small cart. For more information consult our prices page.

How to choose your replacement keys : All keys on keyboards have a hinge. It is generally in the form of two plastic parts that attach the key on the keyboard.
To choose a replacement key compatible with your keyboard so it is necessary to know the type of hinges that is under your keys. If you have any doubt, please consult us before ordering. Free support (Quick Response in the day!)

Keyboard language : Today most our keyboards are in French layout. All keys fit properly for European keyboards. But some keys will be different, like keys with specific characters : &,()_=+....
Before make your order, please make sure your are ok with that.

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