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You have one or several broken keys on your laptop ?

You don't need to replace the whole keyboard !
We sell single replacement key.

Our advantages :
> +2.000.000 Keys in Stock
> Worldwide Shipping !
> Free Installation Guides
> Quality customer service


How to order your keys ?

1 - How to find your kit ?

All keyboard keys have a hinge.

It is usually in the form of two plastic pieces that attach the key on the keyboard.
To search for your replacement kit you must first choose the brand of your laptop, then the series and finally the model of the laptop. You get a list with one or more type of hinge for your laptop model.
Keyboard manufacturers often use more than one type of hinge for the same exact model of laptop keyboard.
So, even though the keyboard may look identical on the surface, the hinge under the key may be different.
It is therefore important to identify the right type of hinge because they are not interchangeable.
If you find only one type of hinge for your laptop model that does not mean that there is only one type, but simply that we have only this one in stock.

If in doubt, please consult us before ordering.Help ?

2 - The model of your laptop is not listed on our site ?

We strive to acquire as more keyboards as possible to offer a wider range of replacement kit. It is possible that your laptop model is not yet listed on our site. This does not mean that we do not have a kit compatible with your keyboard. Indeed on the same serie of laptop some keyboard are identical to some 80% (key type and hinge).
To facilitate this search we have added an option "Show all kit ..." for all the kits of the same series of laptop.

3 - You have found the kit compatible but the key is out of stock (0)?

When a key is out of stock and if we have a similar key. There is an option Find a similar key in stock.
Click on this link, you will be redirected to this kit. Similar keys are not always identical, there may be some slight differences.
It is why there is a photo of full keyboard for verification. You can contact us for more information.
Otherwise we get every week new keyboards. If the key you wish to order is out of stock contact us to be notified in priority for the next availability.

4 - Our site does not sell replacement key for your laptop ?

If despite your research and our help your replacement keys are not on our site, we will try to all our efforts to find your replacement key.
We will contact our partners and suppliers to find you a solution as soon as possible, using the information you have provided : brand, model, color and picture of your keyboard and hinge.

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